There have been countless discussions, not just with clients, but with friends and family in order to explain the value of what it is that we do at DaPlan and why cheap logo design isn’t the bargain it seems.

The logo design market is flooded with incredibly cheap options, like those $5 logos you can get on Fiverr. This may look very appealing, and makes you question why others in the industry are charging so much more for the same service.

Well, that’s because the service we provide is very different. Let me explain.

The Cheap Logo Design Mindset

Cheap logo designs are for people that want something quick, easy, and do not need them to be particularly good.

These people don’t really care about their business or the impression it makes.

For example:

A hairdresser based in your neighbourhood, who’s main customer base is old ladies that come in for a perm and a rinse. They are not in need of “building a brand.” The grannies aren’t buying into the brand vision. They are going because it’s easy, cheap, local, and their friends go there.

There is no tangible brand to the business, and the owner has no great desire to grow the business outside of the existing four walls.

And that’s fine. A cheap logo design would fit right in here. Get your business cards from Vistaprint and be on your way.

However, even with that target audience, and “mission statement”, if the owner wanted to grow their business into something more, they would need to be looking into investing into their brand to grow it.

Another example of where cheap logo design would be applicable is in the local hawker field.

If you’re a hawker looking to just serve your neighbourhood, you have no real business aims or aspirations, great, a cheap logo design will work for you too.

Everything comes back to the aspirations you have for your business.

The Problem With Cheap Logo Design

The problem with getting cheap logo design online is that you are really only getting a logo. You will have no idea of how to use that logo in different situations.

For example:

You have your logo. But how does it look on business cards? On flyers? On the side of your van? On banners? On your website?

No idea.

How does it work on social media? It doesn’t fit into the dimensions for Facebook or Instagram? What now?

No idea.

It is a standalone one-off product. You are buying the end product. Not the service. And most businesses could definitely benefit from more than a cheap logo design.

Plagiarism or Using Stock Logo

Many logo designers on such cheap logo websites often plagiarise other designers’ work and pass them off as their own. This is unethical and can be misleading to potential clients.

Many of them also uses stock logos for their submissions. Such logo designs should be avoided as there may be many other companies who have used them before. More importantly, your logo should reflect on your brand’s uniqueness.

You may read more about such cases here and here.

Not Building a Relationship With Your Designer

Not building a relationship with a designer is a big mistake that I see a lot of startups or small businesses make.

By buying a cheap logo design from a website like Fiverr or 99 Designs for somewhere in the $20 range, you are getting a “one hit wonder.”

When you buy cheap logo design, you’re not building up any sort of relationship. You won’t be overwhelmed by the customer service, or the results.

Building a relationship with a designer or design agency is important and can impact the growth of your business. Cheap logo designs are very much a case of “thanks for your money, here’s your logo, goodbye.” And that’s not the way we like to do business at DaPlan.

The success lies in the relationships you build.

The Difference Between Cheap Logo Design and Building a Brand

When you are investing in your business brand, you are working with a professional design agency to build your business and brand vision.

You are not communicating through some cheap website’s internal messaging system, seeing submissions from some random designers, and picking one winner. That is not how building a brand works.

When you work with a good design agency, we want to help you. Helping your business grow is what we are good at. And remember, the more we can help you grow, and do for you, the better it is for us as well in the long term.

When you invest into branding and brand identity, you’re getting a whole visual identity system.

You know the answers to “how does it look on website, business card, and social media?”

You know what colours to use where and why.

Working with professionals to communicate your brand will increase the value, or perceived value, of your brand right out of the gate. Cheap logo design is for brands and businesses with little to no vision. If you want to grow and do something more, then you need to invest in your brand.

If you’re struggling with who to hire to help build your brand check out our article on Big Design Agency vs Small Design Agency.

No Understanding of Your Business or Needs

The first huge difference is that a cheap logo designer will not go the extra mile to learn about you, your business, or your business needs.

For them, the request comes through from a website, they design something, post it, and hope they get paid. That’s it. No need do anything else.

When you work with a professional design or branding agency, they will work with you to understand the ins and outs of your business.

At DaPlan, we will find out about the client’s brand foundation, fundamental business nature and branding positioning and marketing needs in order to provide tailored design solutions in response to the different needs of clients. Understanding a business is the first step to building a professional brand that works.

It’s a Logo, and Only a Logo

As mentioned, cheap logo design is often only a logo design. Nothing else. No sense of brand, or unity.

You will not come out of the process with an understanding of how your brand should be represented in other forms. No idea of the colour of typography that’s been used.

A professional agency will help you create a visual identity system that can be applied to your brand, no matter the medium.

Working with an agency you trust will amplify and grow your business brand.

The Professional Debate

Away from being a debate between cheap and professional logo design, there’s a whole debate surrounding professionalism.

Bedroom Logo Designers

Cheap logo designs are often created by “bedroom designers”. And often, they end up using the wrong software, and your logo design is provided as a raster file rather than a vector.

And your logo needs to be provided in multiple file formats. Just having a JPEG isn’t enough.

You need versions to use online, in print, to be able to send to suppliers and more.

Offshore Designers

Another issues with cheap logo design websites, is that a lot of the designers are based a million miles away.

Because of that, there is no real relationship there, and often the language and brief can become a point of contention.

How you interact with clients and follow through on requirements is the main ingredient in the recipe.

Conclusion: Cheap Logo Design vs Expensive Logo Design?

There’s a huge difference in terms of quality and service, between working with a cheap logo designer, and reputable professional design agency.

Cheap logo designs have their place. They’re for businesses that have little to no brand vision, with a “that’ll do” type attitude.


The above quote by Red Adair is one of our favourites, and it can be applied to pretty much any situation in which you require a professional service. Remember, cheap logo design is cheap for a reason.

If you want to take your business or brand to the next level, then you’re looking for more than a logo design. You’re investing in your brand, and working with a design agency will help realise your vision. If you need help with creating a bespoke professional website or logo for your startup, click here to see how we can work together to build an awesome brand.


DaPlan is a Singapore-based creative design agency specialising in brand building with a visual focused approach. We build awesome brands and help them get off the ground.

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